002Welcome to my synergistic, professional and personal website. Here I will attempt to provide a brief synopsis and context to both of these intertwined facets of my life.  I will also provide a rough outline of my new entrepreneurial project, The Relative (E=mc²) Wilderness School, where I will attempt to combine my outdoor/wilderness passions with my clinical training in psychology and counseling.

Please feel free to contact me and view current feeds and activity via; email, Facebook, Youtube, Blogger, Twitter, or the Contact Form on the Media Links page.  See My Links on the right side of most pages for some quick links.

Please note: this site (as well as my Links) is still under construction!!! I am learning web development (self-taught so far) as I go, so please be patient!  I appreciate you very much for checking it out! Leave a comment and I will reply. Also, I will send a “notice” when the site is completed…first “draft” at least!

Also note: each page below the header is it’s own “page” as well.  The other pages are “nested” under each Header Page. Click the Header Page first or you will miss the 1st intended page.  Like I said, I’m learning!

Some of the  information is deliberately repeated throughout the site. This is with the notion that visitors will not view every page.

There are also links for PayPal donations to The Relative (E=mc²) Wilderness School Educational Scholarship Fund (see The Relative (E=mc²) Wilderness School page). These donations will offset the cost for course items and fees for our first few clients, who will most likely not have the resources to afford the program.  It is our goal to provide mental health services to marginalized and disenfranchised populations that otherwise, would not have access to mental health services.  We hope to have Pro Bono clients for each course offered.  I and the crew are currently hoping to have our first clients / consumers in the Spring of 2015.

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